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Frequently Asked Questions

If your question isn't listed below, please contact our Customer Service on 1-800-123-4567.

Here at Jendies our express wash can take anywhere between 10-30 minutes depending on the day and time you arrive. 

We service all size vehicles including RVs and motorhomes. If you have a special request feel free to email us at [email protected].

Standard wash services do not require an appointment. For paint correction/protection and full detail services, we ask that you book an appointment ahead of time to ensure we can provide quick and efficient service. Contact us at [email protected] with questions or book your appointment here.

Waxing your vehicle every three months is generally suggested. During that time, you can bring your car at Jendies for an interior and exterior deep clean before waxing it with a high-quality wax that gives the body a gorgeous shine.

We are a water-saving, all-natural hand wash that does not use the hazardous chemicals found in most “tunnel” washes. From a simple exterior wash to full exterior and interior detailing, we have you covered.

Unlike tunnel-style car washes with their gigantic whirling brushes, we only hand wash your vehicle using 100% lamb’s wool mitts. Aside from a more thorough washing, your vehicle’s finish will not be exposed to grit and grime from previous automobiles.

We don’t need to use harsh, harmful chemicals since we use “elbow grease” (unlike automatic tunnel washes), thus we’re better for the environment and the leather, plastics, fabrics, and people inside your car.

Washing your car every two weeks is a good rule of thumb. Cleaning the outside, as well as the wheels, tires, and lights, is included.

Yes. Please, however, ensure that it is at least 80% empty so that we can fully vacuum out your trunk.

Yes. The scratches can be erased in 99.9% of cases. However, there are frequently gouges* down to bare metal or primer. This cannot be rubbed out, and you may need to take it to a body shop for restoration.

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