Auto Care

Preparing your Car for the Winter Holidays


In some cities, a car wash is a matter of aesthetics. However, a car wash in Illinois is practically necessary for your vehicle’s existence. The city’s weather patterns, with harsh winters and scorching summers, don’t like exposed paint and neglected undercarriages.During winters, roads are often salted to melt snow and ice. Jendies throughly cleans the underside of your car to remove any salt residue that can cause rusting and corrosion. Here’s how—and how often—you should maintain your car in each season of the year.

Does Ice ruin car paint?

Ice melt, often known as brine, serves to maintain our city roads safe for vehicles but can be detrimental to your car’s paint job (if not wiped off on a regular basis). It is a mixture of water, salt, and magnesium chloride that helps to reduce the freezing point of water, making it more difficult for water to freeze on the road and removing ice and snow. It’s quite acidic and can easily splash over the exterior and undercarriage of your vehicle, causing rust and damage.

Our full-service, fast car wash is conveniently located in Forest Park off Roosevelt and Harlem Ave. Relax in our waiting room while we vacuum, wash the exterior of your car, towel dry it, and clean the inside of your windshield. We’ll also clean the dirt and filth off your interior mats! Allow us to assist you with keeping your automobile looking nice from the inside out, especially throughout the winter months. We’re your neighborhood source for car maintenance and preventative care, offering high-quality repairs and low-cost full-service car washes.